Next Big Adventure

This has been a busy year! My last job gave me a crash course in management, which was a huge opportunity to learn about working with people and how to help grow developer culture. With all of the new things going on, I kind of lost track of what truly motivates me, which is building things.

I have stumbled upon a new opportunity to resume working remotely, but this time for a startup with a handful of familiar faces. It'll be the first time I have ever accepted a job working in Python! Admittedly, I am starting to care less and less about which technologies I'm using. This mindset makes it easy for me to dive in and learn as much as I can to start making contributions.

Hopefully the following months will not only give me a great learning opportunity professionally, but also open some doors for me to continue my own personal studies. If I'm lucky, maybe this could result in an uptick in blogging activity (optimistic even after all these years of minimal dedication to blogging).

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