New Challenges Await

Friday marks my last day working at I've gotten do a lot of great things, from throwing down with RavenDB to hopping on some serious Node.js bandwagons. I've even migrated to a more linux based ecosystem, which has been great.

Over the past four years I've worked from home and this job grew with me. I got married, moved back to my home town, bought a house, and had two wonderful kids. I did all of this while getting to wear sweatpants most days. I'm lucky to have had that kind of opportunity. Time to go back to wearing real people clothing and commute my 8 minutes to work every day.

Monday I start at Libera as a manager of software engineering. There I'll have a fresh start, and an opportunity to tackle new and challenging problems. Hopefully I'll bring with me some of the elements of the working culture I've grown to love.

Wish me luck!

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