Old Habits Die Hard

Next up on my little emacsian adventure: changing windows. Guh! C-x o just doesn't work for me. I'm too young to have this deeply ingrained in »

Go: Range is by Value

TL;DR: The value for each item in a range loop is not by reference. Instead, use the index index := range foos.Bars and index to »


As it turns out, I'm really bad at following through with plans. I recently intended to dig through algorithms in Go, but here I find myself »

Monkey Patching in Node.js

Disclaimer: I am confident enough to make my own mistakes. My advice in this post is based on my own experiences. All code in this post »

New Game Plus

Time for a blog reboot. This time, I'll forgo the usual compulsion to build my own blogging platform. As it turns out, this is mostly a »